Artistic Policy

The Walking Theatre Company creates interactive innovative theatre experiences promoting high quality professional ‘walking’ theatre, diverse landscapes, heritage, culture, natural environments and active living. We make theatre about you and bring it to you.

We specialise in new accessible theatre, community voice and cultural heritage, bringing our work to any environment and our unique brand and unique style of theatre is synonymous with our award winning work and creative team.

Artistic Policy

* We bring theatre to a wider audience with the emphasis on our rural community. Our work is devised to be accessible to all.

* We support eco tourism by developing work designed to enhance and raise awareness of the natural landscape, woodland, and environmental forces.

* We actively raise the profile of local community and businesses by creating a ‘mobile’ destination solution.

We create a voice for our younger audiences and promote theatre skills as ‘life’ skills drawing younger audiences together through a shared experience.

* Our work raises modern audiences awareness of Scotland’s rich and diverse heritage by developing new writing into performances that tale tales of our culture, people and history.

* We are an equal opportunities company, our performers and contributor’s are all selected on their own merit irrespective of race gender, disability or beliefs.

* We promote ‘healthy living’ by enhancing the outdoor ‘walking’ experience.




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