Child Protection Policy

The Walking Theatre Company actively encourages the safety and well-being of children and young people, and promote a culture and environment to supports this. Through our projects and material we aim to create a safe environment where children can enjoy rewarding and stimulating experiences.

We recognise that children should be:
– listened to and heard
– valued and respected as individuals
– respected for their identity and uniqueness
– encouraged and praised
– involved in decisions as appropriate regardless of gender, ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation or religion.

All members of our group and any co-opted, volunteer or ‘employed’ individuals accept and recognise our responsibilities to develop awareness of the issues which cause children harm. We as a group interact with children who are in the care of their teachers or legal guardians at all time. We all recognise as a group that clear child protection guidelines are established and adhered to at all time.
We endeavour to safeguard children by:
1. Adopting child protection guidelines through procedures and a code of conduct for staff and volunteers
2. Sharing information about child protection and good practice with children, parents and carers, staff and volunteers
3. Sharing information about concerns with agencies who need to know, and involving parents and children appropriately
4. Following carefully the procedures for recruitment and selection of staff and volunteers
5. Providing effective management for staff and volunteers through supervision, support and training
6. Regularly monitoring and reviewing our policy and good practice

The definition of ‘child’ or ‘young person’ relates to anyone under the age of 18, and also to those above the age of 18 who are vulnerable for reasons of mental and physical ability.

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