Gaelic Policy

The Walking Theatre Company seeks to support the use of Gaelic wherever relevant and useful in our artistic and developmental work. As a company of industry professionals we seek to;

1 Create and promote work that includes Gaelic both as a language experience and as a cultural identity

2 Through our bi-lingual heritage work raise and support awareness of the Gaelic language, Gaelic culture and heritage.

3 Bridge the gap between the use of Gaelic and English through new writing and ‘Walking Theatre Productions’ to promote respect, understanding, experience.

4 Promote an informed context of understanding between audiences and artists alike through the promotion of the Gaelic language and culture

5 Facilitate the use of Gaelic through creative and artistic work

6 Promote our clients venues and aims by creating flexible work that allows all nationalities to actively participate and experience bi-lingual work

7 Promote a community voice and ownership through the inclusion and integration of Gaelic both as a language and a culture

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