Recruitment Policy


1. Statement
Organisationally, The Walking Theatre Company aspires to be characterised as ‘a well managed, well resourced organisation’ in order to deliver on its Mission Statement. People are the key factor in achieving this – we therefore aim to recruit and retain excellent consultant’s, staff and volunteers for each of our projects

Our Recruitment Policy meets with best practice, and has the flexibility to experiment and challenge existing practices. Fundamental is our commitment to Diversity and Equal Opportunities – this commitment is an inherent part of our approach and processes.

The Walking Theatre Company as a committee led group does not currently employ any individual on a full or part term basis. All ‘employees and volunteers are on a contract per project only basis.
2. Policy
The Walking Theatre Company seeks to recruit high quality, committed and effective professionals for each project using a fair, honest and open process.

We aim to maintain and develop an organisation whose people are:
• Professional and effective
• Motivated and fulfilled
• Knowledgeable and committed
• Offered support for personal development
• Reflective of the communities we serve

The Walking Theatre Company will monitor and respond to issues arising from the recruitment process, particularly in relation to diversity matters.

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