Volunteer Policy

Volunteer Policy

Volunteers provide valuable time and skills for activities and additional support to various projects within The Walking Theatre Company

Volunteers function under the direction of the committee and selected artistic teams Our organisation recognises that volunteering allows people from the community at large to participate in the life of that community by giving their time. It is important that clear tasks and guidelines are set for each volunteer at the start of each project. These guidelines will be defined by the committee

We aim to recruit volunteers with skills that enable a wide balanced range of activities and support our mission statement. Equal Opportunities is the basis for all contact and work with volunteers and any one in our community has the right to offer their services.

The Walking Theatre Company supports a rolling program of training and team building through a shared skills program. We ensure that volunteers, members and contractors have access to training relevant to their designated tasks and the opportunity to expand their skills in a safe and relevant environment

We offer individual support mentoring to local groups and bodies, and individuals. We encourage open rehearsal time, showing the creative process and facilitating confidence, developing artistic and cultural medium through the use of a creative space.

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