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April Newsletter

The Walking Theatre Company

As blooming daffodils fill the grounds of TWTC HQ (and the local sheep, who like to pop over for a visit!), it is clear Spring is in full swing, and here at The Walking Theatre Company, we think it’s a prime time to get outdoors and perform! April was full of TWTC fun, and May is shaping up to be even better! So read on, and find out what we have been up too!

Above: The Sheriff, Maid Marion, and Robin Hoodie himself with some of the friends they made on the walk! Many thanks to fabulous audience member Tracy Thompson for the photo! 

Below: Maid Marion: beautiful, even when she has been captured by the Sheriff!

Calling All Munchkins!

Dorothy has lost Toto, the Cowardly Lion has lost the Tin Man, the Wicked Witch of the West has lost the Wicked Witch of the East, the Scarecrow has lost the way, and the Great Wiz has lost his marbles! 

Come along for a “Wiz Around Oz” at Loch Lomond Shores on Sunday 12th of May, and join The Walking Theatre Company on a fun-filled family adventure, whatever the weather!

Tickets for “Wiz Around Oz” at Loch Lomond Shores are available by booking here!

Looking for a Murder Mystery party? Contact us for more info on our deadly addictive events!
Wickedly wonderful Murder Mystery parties for you to book today!

If you are looking for a riotous, unforgettable evening, whether it is for a birthday, hen party, Wedding dinner, or a get together with friends, why not enjoy a fun-filled night with TWTC’s sister company The Murder Mystery Company, and get lost in a deadly addictive murder mystery dinner party! 

From Vampires to Cowboys, Highland Clans to Fawlty Towers, we can promise a night of fun and laughter, perfect for any event!! Who knew murder could be so much fun…

This month in the Actors Spotlight, we have the fabulous Mr. Paul Kozinski! Here he is as the Sheriff during our most recent production of Robin Hoodie in the Woods at Loch Lomond Shores!
To Islay we go!

Calling all Picties, Dotties, and Bretton-Butter tribes to stand together for one day only! The Walking Theatre Company are thrilled to be heading forth on an awf’y “Brave” adventure to Islay, where we will be performing our original work, “Braw”!

The lovely folk at Ionad Chaluim Chille Ìle have invited us to perform our madcap ‘walking’ theatre play, on Wednesday 15th May, starting at 19:00hrs! Join us as we venture into the world of the ancient Celtic Clans, and send your heroes to fight for the honour of King Murdach!

Math fhèin!

For “Braw” on Islay tickets, click here!
That’s all folks!

Make sure you check out our website and social networks for updates on where we are, what we’re doing, and how you can get involved!

We look forward to seeing you at our performances throughout 2013!

Until next month!

Best wishes,

The Walking Theatre Company

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Robin Hoodie: Loose at the Loch!

The Walking Theatre Company were thrilled to kick off Loch Lomond Shores “Plays in the Park” on Sunday 14th April, where our very own Robin Hoodie showed up for an afternoon of fun & laughter! 

Our mischievous Robin Hoodie was on the search for the beautiful Maid Marion, and thanks to the help of our wonderful audience, the pair were reunited – and there was only a slight shuffle with the Sheriff! 

We had a great time performing at Loch Lomond Shores, and look forward to our next performance at Plays in the Park! Read on for more details on our next Loch-side performance

Bienvenue au Canada!

If you go to the shore, stand on your tip toes, and look straight across the Atlantic Ocean…you would look a bit silly. BUT you would be looking in the right direction of location of The Walking Theatre Company’s first international performance! Our Artistic Director, Sadie Dixon-Spain, and TWTC actor Liam Calgie, are currently 3,500 miles away from TWTC HQ, in Powerview, Manitoba! 

Sadie & Liam are working with pupils from Powerview Ècole School, as they bring to life specially commissioned work “Selkirk’s Nation”, written by Sadie herself! Spending two weeks rehearsing and hosting workshops with the pupils, the entire cast of TWTC actors & pupils will be performing in a number of locations around Powerview. 

The youth group will also be visiting Scotland in June 2013, where they will learn about Scottish culture, and perform “Selkirk’s Nation” on Scottish soil – including at The Scottish Parliament! 

A very exciting project that TWTC are thrilled to be a part of!

Selkirk’s Nation: 1811, an intrepid group of Highlanders struck out for the new world from the west coast of Scotland as part of Lord Selkirk’s vision to enable the displaced people of Scotland, and in the following years, wave after wave of Highlanders crossed the Atlantic. In the Red River territory, battling between the Hudson Bay people, the Nor-Westers and the Mètis people, the Highlanders faced struggle, conflict, and a battle for identity.

Meet our acting team, one by one!


This month, it’s time to meet one of the TWTC boys! Let us introduce to you the fantastic Paul Kozinski! Here’s what he had to say about being a part of Team TWTC!


Q1. If you could sum up TWTC in three words, what would they be?

PK: “Not. Enough. Words” Ha! Dedicated. Exciting. Vibrant.


Q.2 Why do you like being a TWTC actor?

PK. “Being a TWTC actor means that no two performances are the same. Even if it’s Shakespeare on the ground of Dunans Castle it varies – whether it’s the weather, the audience’s participation or the highly skilled actors I’ve the pleasure of working with – every performance has a different feel to it. Plus it’s not often you get paint a branch on your face, slick your hair back and rock up as Oberon in a blue velvet coat, is it?”


Q3. What is your favourite role to play, and why?

PK: “A tricky question. I’ve been lucky to be cast in so many varied roles with TWTC. If I had to pick one, then I would probably go for Basil Fawlty. Basil was my trial by fire for TWTC, and I relished the chance to slip into the shoes of a legend such as John Cleese. Just don’t hug me after it – Basil’s  sweaty one!”


Q4. If you could perform with TWTC in any location, where would it be and why?

PK: “I’ve always had an interest in both WWI and WWII, so maybe a war piece to perform at No Man’s Land, or on one of the Normandy beaches. Would also be a lovely excuse to explore the French countryside!” 


Q5. To date, what has been your most favourite moment at TWTC?

PK: “Probably performing “Robin Hood” at Glendaruel in one of the harshest rain storms I’ve ever experienced – it never let up coming down for the whole hour of the show. Colin, playing Robin was sodden through before the first scene had started. But every single audience member stuck it out and stayed with us. So not only is TWTC dedicated to it’s audience, but the audience are dedicated to TWTC!”

Upcoming Shows and Events

Spring has sprung, and here at TWTC, we are preparing for some May fun and frolics! Here’s what’s in store:

May 2013

1st May: Live and Let Spy – Corporate Evening Entertainment, Oban

1st May: Glen of the Red River – Workshop, Kilmodan Primary, Glendaruel

8th – 9th May: Wilsontown Ironworks – Workshops with local Primary Schools, FCS Wilsontown

9th May: Glen of the Red River – Workshop, Kilmodan Primary, Glendaruel

10th May: Drama for Learning – Workshop, Social Enterprise Academy, Brora

12th May: Wiz Around Oz – Loch Lomond Shores

15th May: Braw: An awf’y “Brave” adventure! – Ionad Chaluim Chille Ìle / Columba Centre, Islay

22nd May: Glen of the Red River – Workshop, Kilmodan Primary, Glendaruel

24th – 25th May: Vampire Murder Mystery – The Argyll Hotel, Dunoon

27th May: Private Murder Mystery Party – Nethy Bridge

29th May: Glen of the Red River – Workshop, Kilmodan Primary, Glendaruel

31st May – 1st June: Fawlty Towers Tribute – Leapark Hotel, Grangemouth

31st May – Private Wedding, Murder Mystery – Brodie Castle

We look forward to seeing you there!

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