February 2013


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February Newsletter

The Walking Theatre Company

What a busy month here at TWTC! Exactly how we like it! Lots of exciting news for you this month, from our participation at the 2013 Electric Glen, TWTC’s visit to Dundee, and our brand new feature “Meet Our Actors: One By One”! There’s no time to waste, read on and enjoy TWTC’s February news, before March creeps up on us!

Robin Hoodie:
Loose at the Loch!

Robin has lost Maid Marion, and Maid Marion has found the Sheriff…who needs saving from whom?

Calling all Merry Men and Merry Maid to save her, or him, or they?

A fun-filled adventure of silliness and laughter for all ages, taking place on the bonnie, bonnie banks of Loch Lomond Shores on Sunday 14th April, starting at 14:00hrs

Wickedly wonderful Murder Mystery parties for you to book today!

If you are looking for a riotous, unforgettable evening, whether it is for a birthday, hen party, Wedding dinner, or a get together with friends, why not enjoy a fun-filled night with TWTC’s sister company The Murder Mystery Company, and get lost in a deadly addictive murder mystery dinner party! 

From Vampires to Cowboys, Highland Clans to Fawlty Towers, we can promise a night of fun and laughter, perfect for any event!! Who knew murder could be so much fun…

Contact Alana for more details on our Murder Mystery events!

Walking with ghosties…

TWTC’s very own Artistic Director, Sadie Dixon-Spain, bravely took part in Haunted TV’s latest ghost hunting programme, taking on the role of presenter, when the film crew, along with the Glasgow Paranormal Investigators, descended on Argyll in search of local ghosts and lost souls. Filming in some of the spookiest location Argyll has to offer, Sadie had a great time working with Haunted TV, as they pieced together the broadcast for a US pilot! We can’t wait to see the programme when it has been edited…and are very glad Sadie didn’t bring any (more!) ghosties back to TWTC HQ!

Above: Fabulous TWTC actor Rebecca Bloom, as Annie FairBottom!

Weekend Workshop

The Walking Theatre Company will be hosting a workshop this Saturday, 2nd March, at the “Planning and Delivering Successful Events” conference, for charities, social enterprises and community groups from Argyll and Bute, taking place at the Council Chambers in Lochgilphead. 

Sadie and Alana from TWTC will be leading one of the morning workshops, which focuses on marketing and branding events: how to spend your marketing time effectively, and the role social media plays as a vital networking and marketing tool.

Upcoming Shows and Events

March is shaping up to be another great month here at The Walking Theatre Company. Here’s what’s in store:

March 2013

March 2nd: Marketing & Social Media Workshop – Lochgilphead

March 15th – 16th: Spying Tonight, Murder Mystery at The Argyll Hotel, Dunoon.

March 30th : Time Traveller’s Easter Tales – FCS Sallochy Campsite
March 30th: Spring Festival, Abbot House – Dunfermline

We look forward to seeing you there!

That’s all folks!

Make sure you check out our website and social networks for updates on where we are, what we’re doing, and how you can get involved!

We look forward to seeing you at our performances throughout 2013!

Until next month!

Best wishes,

The Walking Theatre Company

TWTC Facebook
TWTC Facebook
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TWTC Website
If you would like to book TWTC, email us and we would be happy to discuss your event!

Electric Glen


The Walking Theatre Company was thrilled to be invited to create and perform specially commissioned works for Culture Creative’s “Electric Glen” event, which ran from the 13th to the 17th of February at Rouken Glen Park in East Renfrewshire. While visitors embrace the breathtaking Electric Glen creations, they  encountered three of our fantastic actors brought the history of Rouken Glen to life. Chris Alexander became eminent scientist and enthusiast “Walter Crum” as he discovered the unique rock formation in the riverbed, while Karen Bartke and Colin Little brought the Rouken Glen Players back to life, as they entertained with their high jinx and high tales of the ‘people’s park’.  Stories from the past came alive in the spotlight of the dramatic illuminations through innovative theatrical delight, engaging and inspiring all night-time explorers to truly embrace the enchanting elements of Rouken Glen.


The weather was not on our side every night of the event, but our fantastic team did a superb job, and we have recieved some fabulous comments from both public and press concerning TWTC’s part in Electric Glen.


Many thanks to all at Culture Creative and Rouken Glen Park, not only for all their hard work, but for letting TWTC be a part of such a magical event! 


Roll on next year!

#FSTEmporium 2013

Sadie and Alana from TWTC travelled through to Dundee for the Federation of Scottish Theatre Emporium 2013 on 26th February. Held in the stunning Caird Hall in the heart of the City, the event was full of professionals from the Theatre and Dance sector of Scotland. It was a fantastic event, and we made some great contacts with fellow creatives throughout Scotland, and beyond! 

Delegates were encouraged to tweet throughout the event, giving their thoughts and opinions throughout the Emporium, using the hashtag #FSTEmporium. This was a great way to get some extra networking in, along with the face to face meetings with fellow theatre companies arranged by FST. 

Proudly sporting their TWTC uniforms, Alana and Sadie had a great day networking (and eating cake!) at the Emporium. Looking forward to collaborating with our new contacts later in the year!

Meet our acting team, one by one!


Starting with the wonderful Rebecca Bloom: Rebecca has played a number of TWTC characters, from Annie FairBottom, to Burns’ first love Handsome Nell, to Nancy Boyz, it’s clear she is wonderfully talented, taking on each diverse role and making it her own! We are very lucky to have her here at TWTC, and we wanted to show her off, so we asked Rebecca all about her experience at TWTC, and here’s what she had to say! Enjoy!



Q1: If you could sum up TWTC in three words, what would they be?


RB: Imaginative, Creative, Fun!!


Q2: Why do you like being a TWTC actor?


RB: I have been with TWTC from the early stages and it has been fantastic seeing it evolve and I feel privileged to be part of its development. I love performing with the company because as an actor  it can be quite a challenge. Unlike being on a stage where a play will run more or less the same every time you perform it our shows can be affected by the elements, the surroundings and your audiences, so as a TWTC actor you have to be very flexible and aware of everything that is going on….whilst remembering your lines!!!! What I enjoy most about our work is the way we interact with our audiences making them feel part of the play rather than just being there to watch it. Both the Murder Mystery plays and The Walking Theatre plays are highly entertaining but I particularly enjoy The Walking Theatre work as working outside, whatever the weather and fighting off the midges is the most natural way to perform and you can’t beat it!!!


Q3: What is your favourite role to play, and why?


RB: I have played so many roles over the years and I love all of them, so it is very difficult to choose just one!!! I particularly like the role of Bottom in Conference of the Fairies (our adaptation of The Dream) Its a very funny role to play and according to my wonderful colleagues….my ASS is great!!!!! Thanks guys!


Q4: If you could perform with TWTC in any location, where would it be and why?


RB: I have been very lucky over the years as I have performed in some amazing places but I quite like the idea of performing on station platforms and moving on to each scene by steam train! Now that would be a challenge but very different!


Q5: To date, what has been your most favourite moment at TWTC?


RB: Again, another difficult question as so many choices. I did enjoy performing MacBeth at Holyrood last August but one of the funniest moments that I will never forget happened last year at a performance in Inveraray Castle. I came running in to the room screaming and as I came closer to the audience, I slipped and fell….both feet came up in to the air and I fell back on to the hard floor, bounced, (my whole body came off the floor) then my head made contact with the floor – ouch!!! Being a true professional 😉 I lay on the floor, stayed in character and shouted  “don’t worry, I’m always doing that!!!” 


*Editor Note: We can assure you Sadie jumped into health-and-saftey mode to ensure Rebecca was 100% okay following her impromptu meeting with the floor of Inveraray Castle!!

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