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Did you know…

… TWTC HQ is based in the glorious grounds of Dunans Castle – Home of the Scottish Laird Project in Glendaruel, Argyll? We LOVE being based in such a beautiful location – breathtaking scenery always provides inspiration, especially on a sunny day like today!

No phones at TWTC HQ!

Unfortunately we are without phones here at TWTC HQ this week! Due to the heavy rain and high winds, our phone lines have come down, and we will be without a phone until at least December 27th. If you are trying to contact us, please email alana@thewalkingtheatrecompany.com, or contact us via our blog, or social media!

Facebook: www.facebook.com/TheWalkingTheatreCompany

Twitter: @twtc

TWTC Server Down!

The email servers here at TWTC HQ are currently down, and we are therefore not able to send or receive email messages! If you are trying to contact us, please call 01369 820 115, comment on our blog, or visit www.Facebook.com/TheWalkingTheatreCompany.

Apologies for any inconvience – we are working on the issue being resolved ASAP!

Friday fun with TWTC!

Here at TWTC HQ, we are trying to come up with a variety of marketing slogans for The Walking Theatre Company’s upcoming adventures!

Everything from “ditch the telly, grab the wellies”, to “Outdoor theatre in your space, in your place, in your face!” has been batted around the TWTC head office, and we are all slogan-ed out! It’s not even “punny” anymore! 😉

Slogans, puns, phrases – we are looking for upbeat, punchy wording for our advertising and marketing, and who better to ask than our fabulous fans who have been on said adventures!!

Let us know your thoughts, by commenting on our blog, visiting us on Facebook, or sending us a tweet via Twitter!

Looking forward to hearing your suggestions!

Connect with TWTC on the go!

Here at TWTC, we want to make sure our loyal fans can connect with us wherever we are, and wherever they are!

Make sure you like us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter, to keep up-to-date with all things TWTC, on the go!

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