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All aboard! The Captain’s calling!

To celebrate National Parks Week 2013, 29th July – 4th August, the lovely Loch Lomond Shores invited TWTC to perform not one, but two of if our original works, Whisky Galorious and The Celtic Tree Walk – both written by our fabulous Artistic Director and in-house playwright, Sadie Dixon-Spain!

The Highland smugglers were on the run from the excise men on the 1st of August as we went on an intrepid adventure through the historical world of Scotland’s whisky!

There was word on the water that smugglers were hiding at Loch Lomond Shores and the ‘Revenue’ men were on their way to stamp out illegal stills and stop those sneaky Highlanders from making their infernal home brew ‘uisge beatha’, whisky, without duty paid on it is against the law!

Whisky Galorious 1 RH LLS



Whisky Galorious 2 RH Maid of Loch LLS










On the 3rd of August, Puck the Eco Sprite could be found in search for the ‘Keeper of the Trees’ to come along and help save the woodlands surrounding the bonnie, bonnie banks!

TWTC were thrilled to be a part of National Parks Week, and help celebrate the natural beauty of Loch Lomond Shores! We’ll be back for more Plays in the Park soon…watch this space!!