Psst! It’s nearly Father’s Day!!

Psst! It’s nearly Father’s Day!!


🌟This is your friendly Zippedy Zoom reminder that this Sunday, 21st of June, is Father’s Day!🌟

🎁 Why not get creative and make Dad a homemade decoupage gift!

❓How do you decoupage, I hear you ask?
🤩 Don’t worry, the Zippedy Zoom Club has got you covered!
👇Click the link below to watch the tutorial 👀

What you will need for this activity:
💫 a flat surface that easy to clean
💫 PVA glue
💫 Scissors (Don’t use without grown-up supervision!)
💫 a paint brush
💫 items to decoupage e.g. bottle, tub, jar
💫pictures and/or words to decoupage with (you can use magazine cut outs, or print some from your computer!)
💫 pens/pencils & paper for creating your own images to use

💙You can personalise your decoupage gift especially for your Dad, with pictures and words that will make him smile!

🎨 Decoupaging is lots of fun, but it can be quite messy, so be extra Zippedy Zoom careful, and remember to clean up your workstation after you have finished your task!

💫 Zoom, Zoom! 💫