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About Our Theatre Company – Supporting Social Enterprise

Mission Statement
The Walking Theatre Company creates interactive innovative outdoor theatre, in forest, woodland, garden or urban path scape:  We create high quality professional ‘walking’ theatre, though our own established methodology and brand: Through our work we celebrate and promote diverse landscapes, cultural heritage, the environment and healthy living. We make theatre about you and bring it to you. So come and join the fun!

Prospero Conjours

Prospero Conjours

Structure: We are an arts based social enterprise supporting sustainable communities.


To promote a sustainable arts business model working to deliver a high quality interactive theatre:

To develop a recognised brand of excellence:

To create ‘interactive, innovative flexible’ theatre accessible to all:

To develop through drama audience connection to rural landscapes, forest, woodland, garden and glen, and to expand the concept into urban pathscapes.

To remove the boundaries of traditional theatre practise:

To provide professional theatre and theatre related services to enable personal, group and community development.

To raise the profile and awareness of Scotland’s communities, landscapes, heritage and cultural environment by creating an affordable ‘Mobile Destination Solution’.

To promote ‘healthy living’ and active lifestyle and ‘shared generational experience’ by enhancing value of the outdoor theatre:

To promote rural employment and sustainable rural communities:


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