Allan Scott-Douglas

Allan Scott-Douglas headshot
Allan joined ‘The Walking Theatre Company’ as an actor in 2013 and has appeared in many of our shows including; ‘The Poet & The Mouse’, ‘Hoodie In The Woods’, ‘A Wiz Around Oz’ and ‘The White Rabbit’s Treasure Hunt’. He has also been involved in several of our wickedly wonderful Murder Mystery shows – often seen donning a truly awful handlebar moustache and dodgy Russian accent in “Live and Let Spy”
Since achieving a BA in Acting (with Distinction) from Queen Margaret University College, Edinburgh in 2006, Allan has worked all over the world as an actor and singer including a one year stint as Harry Bright in ‘Mamma Mia!’. He is the voice of the lead character “Jamie” on the original concept CD of ‘Outlander – The Musical’, based on the ‘Outlander’ novels by Diana Gabaldon. He is also the narrator of the audiobook version of Diana Gabaldon’s short story “Virgins” as part of an anthology entitled “Dangerous Women”, which was compiled and edited by George RR Martin, of ‘Game Of Thrones’ fame, and was produced and published by the world’s largest publishing house, Random House.
Allan has also worked extensively in film and TV – including appearing in ‘Garrow’s Law’ for BBC1.
Further to his involvement as an actor, Allan is also honoured to take on the role of Production Manager for The Walking Theatre Company’s newly established London company, TWTCSouth. He is very excited to see what the future holds for TWTC South of the border and beyond.

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