Robert Howat


Robert Howat

Robert had enjoyed being resident ‘baddy’ for TWTC for some time now. He is very happy when being booed at as ‘Baron CantbeBothered’ in ‘The Powerdown Play’ and the ‘Rev Kirk’ in ‘The Enchanted Forest’ He also delights audiences as our splendidly smarmy cleric Father Simon, the erratic and odd Chaplain in ‘Highland Wedding’, and buffs up nicely as our anti-hero ‘Rannulf ‘Woolf’ The Bad’ in ‘Braw, an awfy Brave adventure’

His theatre credits include: JM Barrie in Theatre Broad’s production Peter Pan Man; Archie in That’s Lunch Production’s Arch In The Greenhouse: Paul Porridge in team: M&M’s The Pantry Shelf: Tony in Unscene Production’s Abigail’s Party: Lucentio in Arkle Theatre’s The Taming Of The Shrew: Degas in New Strides Theatre’s Asturias.

He is resident writer for Tightlaced Theatre and have appeared in their productions of his own work,  ‘Charlie and My’4’5, ‘The Three Hagstane’s, ‘From The Lilypad’, ‘Feline Fable’s and his one man show ‘Peach, Oscar And The Dragon’s tears’.

He has appeared in several short films including The Priest with Two Guns, Symbiosis, Clean Slate, Living The Dream, Interrogating Vivian and Cat Eats Dog. He has written and directed the short film Executive Killing produced by The Raw Talent Company and written and produced the short film The Prayer both of which have been shown at UK film festivals.

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