Sadie Dixon-Spain


“Founder of The Walking Theatre Company (TWTC), Sadie has enjoyed a long and creative career, with National Repertory theatre, TV and broadcast credits to her name. She thought that when she moved to the country, her acting days were done, however Ife in rural Argyll has proved her wrong. TWTC was created as a direct creative response to the rural landscape, shaping Sadie’s work as an actor and writer to develop a unique brand and methodology behind award winning theatre work.  In 5 years TWTC has built a tremendous reputation for creating ‘interactive theatre in the open landscape’ and bringing ‘walking theatre’ shows to sites and venue’s all over Scotland and we are proud to say that no show has ever been cancelled due to the rain.


2 thoughts on “Sadie Dixon-Spain

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  2. Jeanette Tyers

    Just been up to dunoon and had a fab weekend of comedy with the walking theatre company.. Sadie
    and the gang were amazing. I will happily tell all my friends about you guys. Xxxxxx


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