Magic Monday – Mad Hatter’s Zooming Tea Party

✨Magic Monday is here, hip hip hooray!🥳Get ready to join the virtual tea par-tay!🎩The Mad Hatter is your host this week,☕️and he’s pouring your tea as we speak!🏴‍☠️A Pirate, a…
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Funtastic Friday – Zooming Sea Party

🏴‍☠️ Ahoy, me hearties, it’s Friday again,🥳 a Funtastic one with your Zippedy Zoom friends!🐟 Our Zooming Sea Party is almost done,🤩 but there’s still lots of time to have some fun!👀 So zoom on…
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How to make Apple Flapjacks!

🌟 It’s a Zippedy Zoom Club Throwback Thursday! 🌟 👨‍🍳Get creative in the kitchen with Brandon D, cooking up some deliciously tasty Apple Flapjacks!👩‍🍳 📋Ingredients you will need:🍎 125g of butter🍏125g of brown…
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Wacky Wednesdays: Zooming Sea-Party

🤩Wacky Wednesday is here again,👉And we’ve got so much to share!🔱Selkie the Sea Witch is still our host,⚓️so Cap’n Sandy Toes better beware!🎨There’s things to do, and stuff to make,🌟and…
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Meet Selkie the Sea Witch

👋 Hey, Zippedy Zoomers, you’re in for a treat!🔱 Selkie the Sea Witch is hosting this week!🌟 There’s magic and mayhem, and crafting afoot,👀 So zoom on by and take a look! 🌊 Find out…
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Wacky Wednesday – Zooming Science Challenge!

Wacky Wednesday is here, which means it’s time to head to the ZippedyZoom.Club and catch up with our Zooming Science Challenge with Larry Snotter…groovy!

Magic Monday: Zooming Sea-Party!!

Zippedy Zoom, its Magic Monday and we are off on, or under the High Seas. Join us in the Makers and players lab for a crazy week of nautical fun.…
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Funtastic Friday: Limerick-a-Zoomalong

Have you got that Friday feeling….how to make this Friday and the weekend stand out from the rest? A massive shout out to our Makers & Players in the Lab…
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Wacky Wednesday: Limerick-a-Zoomalong

Wackey days Zoomers, here is Wackey Wednesday with loads for you to do, tune in and get zooooming.A massive thank you to our Makers and Players in the Lab today. Rebecca…
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Magic Monday: Limerick-a-Zoomalong

Whooo hoo its Magic MondayThis week is a Limerick aZoomalong. Loads of witty wordy wotnots. Fantastic team in the Makers and Players lab this week. With Paul Darroch, Emma Grace, Robert Howat, and…
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