Food Theatre

‘Cooking is like love, it should be entered into with abandon or not at all’
Harriet Van Horn

Tickle your taste buds with our tantalising themed food, theatre and poetry events!

Let our Flying Kitchen take your guests on a evocative journey through food. Come on a food forage exploring Scotland’s wild larder with a backwoods lunch using your own local produce to compliment the forage. Or we can provide delightful culinary themed food demo’s and tasting to a seated audience. promoting your venue and your products. Any theme available:

Popular demo’s are;

WWII, step back in time with a taste of ‘dig for victory’, many unusual recipes from the war years. Lots of carrots, lots of veg, lots of custard powder and LOTS of fun. Gas masks & ration books a must.

Love Food, and don’t we just? discover the sensual pleasure of chocolate, strawberries, asparagus, shellfish and even cheese, love your food and love to share it or not!

Cool Yule: Traditional festive grub with lots of yummy tastes, see how to make your own gravalax, hot toddy syrup or just enjoy the traditions of those December days.


Tickle your tastebuds with our tantalizing themed food, theatre, and poetry events!


Let our talented team drop in to your space and set up our ‘Flying Kitchen’!

Our professional chef will prepare a feast before your eyes, with top tips and top testing’s for you to try, while our actor will entertain, setting the story to the theme. Themes will include poetry and fun foodie facts and can be worked to suit your event:

Demos’ play to a seated audience, and for outdoor events we can bring our own events shelter.  Time again to suit the event: Either short demos over a set period of time, or a longer more involved show.

Food walks and themed forages are also part of the Poetry Kitchens repertoire, walking our audience to a fixed campsite, where a ‘backwoods’ lunch is prepared.

CFfirepitFood forage

*TWTC can bring our own kitchen kit and if no access to electricity, we can bring gas equipment or use a fire pit if available. If no water available, we can facilitate a dirty clear.

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