Salt Cod Fishcakes

Makes 4 fishcakes
250g Salted Cod Fillet (available from a good fishmonger)
250g unseasoned mashed potato
Black pepper
Flat leaf parsley
Plain flour
Cooking oil

1. The cod fillet must be soaked in fresh water for 24 hours before use, with the water being changed every 8 hours, and then gently poached in either fresh water or milk (for preference) until tender and flakey.
2. Allow to cool, then skin the fish and mix the flesh with the mashed potato and a handful of chopped parsley.
3. Season with pepper (you won’t need salt!) and make into 4 thick cakes.
4. Roll the cakes in flour and fry gently in oil until browned and heated through.
5. Serve with green salad and tartare sauce, or chips and baked beans.

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