Murder Mysteries to return to Fishers Hotel, Pitlochry

Murder Mysteries to return to Fishers Hotel, Pitlochry


We are thrilled to be returning to Fishers Hotel Pitlochry for a serious of wickedly wonderful Murder Mystery events! Dates and themes available below – and tickets available NOW on itison!

🇫🇷 Vive la Resistance! An Allo Allo Tribute – Friday 1st & Saturday 16th October

🤠 Blazin’ Puddles: A Western – Saturday 2nd October & Saturday 13th Novembe

r💰The Godmother: A Speakeasy Gangster Night – Friday 8th October & Friday 12th November

🍸A Load of Old Crocs – A Fawlty Towers Tribute – Saturday 9th October & Saturday 20th November

🕵️‍♀️Live & Let Spy: The Hunt For Kinky Nights – Friday 15th October & Friday 19th November

👻The Haunted Hotel – Friday 22nd & Friday 29th October

🔪Here’s Johnny – A Tribute: Fawlty Towers meets The Shining – Saturday 23rd October & Saturday 6th November

👩‍❤️‍👨‘Til Death Do Us Part – Saturday 30th October & Friday 5th November

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