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The Murderous Walking Theatre Company proudly present: A Hen Party Special!

Bucharest MM CL-SMDS

What is it?

Looking for something a little different for your hen party? The Walking Theatre Company is now offering a Hen party special! This can be for the couple or just the hen’s party and we ensure that our ‘special’ guest receives a ‘special’ role in the action. We ensure that every guest will have a murderously good time…

The murder mystery hen night is centred around a 3 course meal (or performed in two parts with a buffet meal in between) whereby the performance happens between courses, leading ever closer to finding out ‘whodunit’. The fun begins after collection from the bar, and after the meal is the ‘big reveal’ when the teams try to guess ‘whodidit’, with some prizes to be won along the way…

Fr Pudgy Malone

What do I get?

The particular performance that we are touring as the ‘hen party’ murder mystery is ‘Mumma Mia’;

“A new gang is in town and is putting all you’se dirty rats outta business.  Our Capo da Capo Don Cannelloni requests the urgent pleasure of your company, to renew your family vows and hatch a plot. No cops allowed. Leave your guns at the door and buff up your spats. Mafia Guys and Dolls welcome.”

Along with the action, food plays a very important role in your special night! We can perform in any dining set-up – from restaurant, to function room, hotel, to an outdoor marquee! If you have booked our a house, lodge, or even a Castle, for your event, we can provide catering to accompany your wickedly wonderful Murder Mystery night! Our professional Chef will whip up a devilishly delicious three course meal for you in your space, as the Murder Mystery action unfolds while you dine!

We can also guarantee a highly professional performance, able to improvise in response to any situation thrown our way and a hilariously original script- written by our in house playwright!


Extra Details

  • For our Murder Mystery Hen Party Special we ideally like to take a group of 20 (absolute maximum of 25).
  • We greatly encourage dressing up- for ‘Mumma Mia’ think Mafia/ gangster/ flappers and dappers
  • Allow 3 hours from start to finish for your event
  • Costs and additional information is available upon request


For more info, and to book:
Email: info@thewalkingtheatrecompany.com

Tel: 01369 510 898

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