Lismore Heritage Centre

The magnificent new Heritage Centre on Lismore complete with turfed roof and lovingly refurbished croft house is the venue for The Walking Theatre Company’s clearance project. With Heritage Lottery Funding this project currently in development is drawing together Lismore’s Youth Theatre to formalise a vibrant young group that are using all expressive mediums to explore their own community heritage and tell their own story. As part of this project the youth company are collecting stories and interviews from all members of their community as a record and initial research for their own playwriting journey. Community support and interest in this project is successful pulling together people of all ages and backgrounds.
Collaboration with Radio Fyneside Media and the ‘Out There For Argyll Project’ is expanding the youth groups access to multi media, increasing skill sets and raising the profile of the projects.

Coming Home Again was performed as part of Lismore’s Armistice celebrations. A first ‘walking play’ presented as a tribute to Lismore and her community especially during WWI.  This play is the first part of our two year project ‘Living History and Beyond’.  Funded by The Heritage Lottery fund this project seeks to promote the heritage and culture of the Isle of Lismore.

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