Electric Glen

Electric Glen

Trip lightly with us and follow the lights,
To uncover the tales of Rouken Glen nights.
It’s an easy journey into a past loved place.
Enchanted lights show you the secrets of space.
Where the riverbed shares its ancient life view,
A mad bonkers scientist is waiting for you.
An aw’fy big discovery is his special theme,
Set in rocks and water, he has a wee scheme…

As one age past, fades fast from your sight,
Other folk come to hold your hands in the night.
“It’s Behind You!” they call, and so it is, no joke,
It’s Pantomime time for Glasgow holiday folk!
The Rouken Glen Players step from the shadows again.
Will you help save bonny wee ‘Little Red Rouken Glen’?

Meet faces and names from many years past,
Who’s memories this land will always hold fast.
Come and walk tonight in ‘the peoples own’ park.
Follow the magic, come play in the dark.

Author: Sadie Dixon-Spain


The Walking Theatre Company are thrilled to be a part of this years Electric Glen event at Rouken Glen Park, East Renfrewshire. Three new characters will perform specially commissioned work for the events, running from the 13th-17th February.

The performances by our excellent team of actors, took place as part of Northumberland based Culture Creative’s Electric Glen, a spectacular night-time adventure through Rouken Glen Park, where visitors follow the illuminated trail where colour, light, sound and magic, dance together to bring to life the rich history and heritage of the park. Electric Glen will see the park come alive after dark, creating a magical land which awaits evening explorers to step in to the dazzling adventure paradise before them, and journey into the past of the beloved East Renfrewshire park.

Rouken Glen Park was formally opened to the public in 1906, and in it’s 107th year, it is still an extremely popular venue for locals and visitors alike. As one of East Renfrewshire’s main tourist attractions, the park offers a tranquil sanctuary for all, whether visitors wish a leisurely walk by the river, a fun family day out, or a romantic picnic. The popular daytime location will become a wonderland of light, sound and colour, as the Electric Glen events open the park after dark, introducing a brand new perspective to a much loved venue.

While visitors embrace the breathtaking Electric Glen creations, they will encounter actors from The Walking Theatre Company who will appear as iconic characters from Rouken Glens’ rich heritage. Meet Walter Crum, an eminent scientist and enthusiast, as he discovers the unique rock formation in the riverbed, and then join the Rouken Glen Players as they call to entertain in the park with their high jinx and high tales in the ‘peoples park’. Stories from the past will be brought to life in the spotlight of the dramatic illuminations through innovative theatrical delight, engaging and inspiring all night-time explorers to truly embrace the enchanting elements of Rouken Glen.

Electric Glen ran in the evenings of 13th-17th February 2013. Due to popular demand, an extra date was released, however all shows were completely sold out in no time at all!

For more information on our client, Culture Creative, please visit their website: www.culturecreative.co.uk

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