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The Parrot and the Polymath

A Walking Theatre Company Production done in correlation with a student exhibition

at the Gateway Gallery, St. Andrews.

As part of the 150th anniversary celebrations of the life of Sir D’Arcy Wentworth Thompson, famous Scottish scholar and naturalist, students at the University of St. Andrews and the Walking Theatre Company are putting on a production to restore D’arcy to walk the streets of St. Andrews and Dundee. During the first weekend of May residents and visitors will have a rare opportunity to participate in this free cultural event that will bring the famous polymath, his boisterous daughters, exasperated housekeeper, adoring students and bitter academic rival back to life. As an open air theatre event that moves through the towns, the audience will be able to view St. Andrews and Dundee in a whole new light and, for some added fun, spectators may even be called on to play a small part in the performance. This event is in correlation with a St. Andrews student exhibition: The Parrot and the Polymath, A Celebration of the Life of Sir D’Arcy Wentworth Thompson, on display in the Gateway Gallery from March 20-May3. Please see the Parrot and the Polymath events webpage for further details:

Darcy Wentworth Thompson in Dundee


St Andrews show

St Andrews show

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