Alloway 1759

Alloway 1759 Robert Burns

“Are you not getting a wee bit old to be chasing lassies, you are 37 after all. Mind you, I can see a few of your old flames standing here. Perhaps, Master Robert, you had best get back to Dumfries before your forget yourself?” Nell, Happy Birthday Dear Robert, © Sadie Dixon-Spain 2013

Performance: Happy Birthday, Dear Robert

Date of Performance: 13:00hrs – 15:00hrs, Sunday, 27th January 2013

Venue: Burns’ Cottage, Alloway

In November 2012, Company playwright Sadie Dixon-Spain, was commissioned by South Ayrshire Council to create an original work on the life and times of Scotland’s National Bard, Robert Burns, to be a part of the 2013 ‘Alloway 1759’ celebrations.

Inspired by the countless love songs and poems created by Robert Burns, ‘Happy Birthday, Dear Robert’ was born, a true ‘walking’ theatre work which took the audience on a journey, about the bonny and historic town of Alloway reliving the adventures and standing in places that inspired the words Burns wrote. Whilst along the way meeting a fair few of the lovely lassies who captured a place in ‘Dear Robert’s’ heart.

Cleverly combining play, drama, our audience and a themed food demonstration, our audience gathered to celebrate Roberts 37th Birthday, although a wee bit too early for the liking of our anxious housewife Jean Arnour (Alison Sykora, chef), so poet Robert Burns (Andy Paterson) and guests are banished from the house and set off on wee walk, taking a merry jaunter about the town, led by Handsome Nell (Rebecca Bloom) and Burns’ faithful friend Alexander Cunningham (Chris Alexander).

The performance ended back at Burns’ Cottage in Alloway, where our very own Flying Kitchen was ready to serve up a traditional Ayrshire feast to celebrate the Bard’s birthday in style! Our fantastic chef, Alison Sykora, served up some very unusual, but tasty treats, including, Pea’s  & Oatmeal Brose Stovies & bannocks, made of course with the Bannock toaster that Jean & Robert were given a wedding gift Atholl Brose, with a touch of whisky & Sowans (Sour milk drink).

A very Scottish event, for a famous Scottish icon in the great Scottish outdoors …with some very typical Scottish weather!

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