The Woodland Trust – Glen Finglas Estate – Effie’s Weekend

“Oh John, how very modest you are and ever the business man! He is a very fine painter, I assure you, one of the best and worth every penny you might pay.” Effie, Love on the Loch, © SadieDixon-Spain, 2013

Date: Sunday, 2nd June 2013

Location: Lendrick Hill, Glen Finglas

Project: “Love on the Loch”

This year see the realease of a new film “Effie“, written by Emma Thompson, and starring Dakota Fanning and Greg Wise, and we at TWTC were delighted to be commissioned by the Woodland Trust at Glen Finglas,  to develop a play celebrating not just the films release, but ‘the place where it really all happened’.

The Woodland Trust is the UK’s leading woodland conservation charity, encouraging the public to engage with preserving our natural forest land throughout the country. Glen Finglas is an estate in the Trossachs, and covers an impressive area of 10,000 acres. The beautiful Scottish scenery and rich history bring visitors to the Estate each year.

 “Love on the Loch”, written Sadie Dixon-Spain, is a divine tribute to the love triangle of the Romantics, Millais & Ruskin and the lovely ‘Effie Gray’. As you walk along the edge of the loch, be prepared to step back in time to discover the passions that ran deep, under starched collars and whale-boned corsets, see what happens when a young woman makes a momentous decision to leave her husband and run away with a painter!

The film, has already caused controversy when allegations of plagarism, halted the release date, however with the high Court ruling in favour of Miss Thompson, we can be sure that our play will cause just as much of a rumpass on the shores of the Loch.

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