‘The Power of Three’ – A Classic Triptic of Walking Theatre! – 2014

Touring Shakespearian Trio O’ Bardic Plays 

Now touring our Gloriously magical adaptations of  ‘Macbeth’, ‘Midsummers Nights Dream & ‘The Tempest’.
Choose your show and let the adventure begin.  Each show is interactive and immerses your audience into your space environment. 

We walk around gardens, woodlands, shoresides, townscapes, playgrounds, libraries, offices, museums, your place becomes our showspace

TWTC Shakespeare 2014 UK Tour (front)




‘Macbeth’s Way’
An intrepid adaptation of the ultimate Shakespearian ‘Scottish play’, served with an unusual twist! Dare you join Lady Macbeth on an adventure through magic, murder, treason, and monarchy! Incorporates Scottish Gaelic.



‘Conference of the Faeries’ (Midsummer Nights Dream)
A Father plans a wedding for his daughter, and love is in the air…or is it? The bride-to-be loves another man, and the best maid loves the groom. While Oberon, King of the Faeries, has lost the love of his Queen, Mortal and Faerie worlds collide, mayhem, magic and fun commence! Join us for a ‘Hen Party’ like no other. Incorporates Scottish Gaelic.

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‘Prospero’s Walk’ (The Tempest)
A classic tale of duty, passion, ego, and a young girl’s awakening. Night versus day, heaven versus earth, and magic runs riot! As our bad Daddy, Prospero, and his truculent teen rescue a group of shipwrecked souls.

*We bring everything we need for our show. All we ask is a starting point and where you would like the audience to end, a start time and any event/site details.  Somewhere dry to change always welcome.


Age Guidance –
The shows are accessible to a wide age range, the target audience: young teen to adult.
Audience – Maximum 70
Company – Macbeth & Prospero: Cast of 3: Midsummers Nights Dream: Cast of 4
Duration – 1.30 – 2 hours. Depends upon walk circuit and venue requirement.
Get in  180 minutes. (arrival &  siting of show).
Suitable for any venue – We specialise in performing outdoors as part of a walk. We can cover most terrains, paths or grassy surfaces. Each show will be tailored to suit your site. Mobility access where walk allows, most level circuits will allow ‘wheels’. We can also adapt to perform inside, or offer a combination of indoor and out!
Marketing – Promote as an outdoor event to include; *Dress for the weather: *Wear suitable shoes: *Bring a torch if an evening event. We can provide promotional material for use in your own publicity.  Well behaved dogs welcome, at discretion of client
Social Media – We have an active social media following and will promote your event through our own Social Media networks and website.
Workshops – We provide a variety of optional workshops to accompany our plays, which can be hosted indoor or out. Ranging from ‘drama skills’:  ‘create your own woodland adventure’: ‘Develope Your Eco Code’ ‘Outdoor Voice’ ‘Perform the Shakespeare way’

What our promoters & audience say:
I want to express our appreciation to you for the success of the performance of A Midsummer-Night’s Dream in Duchess Wood. Despite the weather, it was thoroughly enjoyed by all and the imaginative in the way it was organised was impressive. The actors were also very clever at interacting with both children and adults. Many thanks again to all concerned.
Alastair Macbeth (Secretary, Friends of Duchess Wood):

Went last night to see TWTC’s version of ‘A Midsummer’s Night Dream’ at Arduine Gardens.  WHAT A GREAT NIGHT! An anticipatory crowd was met by a female Bottom, played with just a hint of one of Catherine Tate’s caricatures, only much nicer. She proceeded to browbeat and brutalise everyone into the right frame of mind, great fun. A deliciously camp Puck, flitted in and out of the under growth, the willing band of mortals trailed about the gardens in the deepening gloom. Oberon, splendidly languid and world weary and Ah, Titania, everything any mortal and indeed Fairy Prince could possibly want. A hugely appreciative audience gave the brilliant cast a ‘standing ovation’ at the end. Shakespeare would not have been turning in his grave; he would have been capering on top with delight.  Alexander Hamilton

We’ve been to a few Walking Theatre productions now and, quite simply, they rock.  Our kids are transfixed for months afterwards and tonight the adults are glowing after an evening with Lady Macbeth.  What a truly wonderful investment.  The forest comes alive – even those of us who love it anyway, are drawn in further.  Not only are the WTC superb entertainers, their eagerness and enthusiasm to socialise with the group (whatever age) afterwards, never ceases to amaze me and inarguably adds to their impact.  Please lets have lots more from Sadie and Co …
Lizzie B

Booked Venues:Crathes Castle:  Finlaystone Country House: Loch Lomond: Balloch: Levengrove Dunbartonshire: Arduaine Gardens Kintyre: Campbeltown: Dunollie Castle Oban: Ontario Canada: Halliburton Canada: Duchess Woods Helensburgh:  Dunans Castle Argyll: Community Woodlands Association: Findhorn Bay Arts: Glenbranter Dunoon:

Contact Alana for a date for your venue today
Email: alana@thewalkingtheatrecompany.com: Tel: 01369 820 115

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