SHOW SPOTLIGHT: Blazin’ Puddles!

SHOW SPOTLIGHT: Blazin’ Puddles!

The Walking Theatre Company presents: Blazin’ Puddles 🤠

The ‘Man With No Shame’ and his lawless gang have been riding roughshod all over the good citizens of ‘Blazin’ Puddles’. A new marshal is in town, and he is gonna clean up the mess. Beware all you rustlers, saloon gals, injuns’ and wranglers, don your stetsons and join the ride! Yee Haw!

🐎 Our interactive, murder mystery dinner theatre Walking Theatre production of ‘Blazin’ Puddles’ is available to BOOK NOW for your venue or event!🐎

A classic Western inspired mystery, full of lone rangers and lots of laughs!, suitable for adults- perfect for Hen Dos and hotel entertainment.

✨ Contact us today to book this thrilling interactive mystery for your event or venue!✨

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