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TWTCSouth Shake-speare’s things up!

This week we go into production with our TWTCSouth team and A Midsummer Nights Dream, a rip roaring Walking Theatre adaptation. Rehearsals in Putney and Ealing ?#?LCM?. Looking forward to joining our merry crew together: Karen Bartke, James Heatlie, Allan Scott-Douglas, Millie Hobday and AD, Sadie Dixon-Spain.

Walking Theatre: Touring Throughout the UK!

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Available throughout the UK
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  • For Walking Theatre & Murder Mystery enquiries in London & The South, contact Allan, TWTCSouth’s Production Manager, by emailing allan@thewalkingtheatrecompany.com
  • For all other enquiries, Scotland, North of England, Wales, and International, contact TWTC’s Company Development & Operations Manager on 01369 820 115, or email alana@thewalkingtheatrecompany.com

Throwback Thursday!

Mad Hatter and Red Queen - SMDS : ASD

We’re having a chuckle looking back at these fun photos taken by our team before performing ‘The Wonderland Adventure’ at Loch Lomond Shores back in November of 2013!

Our cast: Rebecca Bloom as the White Rabbit, Sadie Dixon-Spain as the Red Queen, and Allan Scott-Douglas as the totally bonkers Mad Hatter!

White Rabbit - Cast Selfie (1)

Curtains up for Christmas at Kew 2015!

Last Night of Christmas At Kew – a huge thank you to our fabulous teams, ‘Deck The Boughs & Spiral Tree’ Marion Elizabeth, Allan Scott-Douglas, John Trevor Hughes and our student team, Ellie McGrath and Leah Hobart. Plus our Magical Garden team, John Love, Leah Godbold, Georgie Butt and Jack Harding.

“You were marvellous darlings xx” – Sadie Dixon-Spain, Creative DirectorIMG_6563

International Day of Happiness!

Wishing all of our fantastic friends, fans, clients, audiences, and actors a very happy, smiley, International Day of Happiness! 

Here is a photo that always makes us smile, here at TWTC HQ!

Mad Hatter and Red Queen - SMDS : ASDThe Red Queen, played by Sadie Dixon-Spain, proclaims ‘HEAD’S WILL ROOOOOLL!’…first up, The Mad Hatter, played by Allan Scott-Douglas!

Catch the Red Queen & The Mad Hatter on tour with The White Rabbit this Easter!



Ticketing info:
03/04/15 Loch Lomond Shores –  https://www.itison.com/Glasgow/events/plays-in-the-park-white-rabbit?secret=RVtM46M
04/04/15 The Tree Shop – FREE EVENT!
05/04/15 Dalmuir Park – Ticket info released shortly! Please contact alana@thewalkingtheatrecompany.com to be contacted when ticketing information is released.
06/04/14 Cringletie House, Peebles – Contact hotel directly on 01721 722510

The White Rabbit’s Treasure Hunt at Loch Lomond Shores

The sun was shining in Loch Lomond Shores yesterday, 21st July, which gave The Walking Theatre Company a perfect Summer backdrop for our outdoor theatre adventure, ‘The White Rabbit’s Treasure Hunt’!

Our furry friend, The White Rabbit, took us on a fun-filled, madcap walking tour through the beautiful trails at Loch Lomond, where we bumped into a few familiar faces along the way!


The Hatter appeared as we strolled through the woodlands – what a very strange man! Our Door Mice (Mouses, mooses, meeces, mices?) friends who joined us on the adventure kept an eye on the crazy man, making sure he didn’t do anything too silly!

DSC_0947The Red Queen joined her loyal subjects at the Lochside, and was a little sneezy, even though there were no children around…promise! Only Door Mice! Good thing the White Rabbit was on hand to help Her Majesty!

Big thanks to the lovely folk at Loch Lomond Shores who invited us along to spread a little Summer fun in the form of outdoor theatre on the bonnie, bonnie banks! We’ll be back on the 1st and 3rd of August, with another two performances – Whisky Galorious and the Celtic Tree Walk! Tickets still available, get yours before they run out!

Whisky Galorious: https://www.itison.com/Glasgow/events/plays-in-the-park-whisky-galorious–2 

The Celtic Tree: https://www.itison.com/Glasgow/events/plays-in-the-park-the-celtic-tree-walk–2


A sneak peek of our ‘Wiz Around Oz’

We had a fantastic time performing in the beautiful woodlands of Glendaruel (just up the road from TWTC HQ!) as part of the ColGlen Development Trust’s Forest Celebration Day! Here is a sneak peek at the performance – see Dorothy, the Scarecrow, and the Cowardly Lion in action by clicking here: Wiz Around Oz performance in Glendaruel on 13th July 2013


Dorothy – Rebecca Bloom

Cowardly Lion – Allan Scott-Douglas

Scarecrow – Karen Bartke

A ‘Wiz Around’…Glendaruel!

On Saturday, 13th of July, The Walking Theatre Company was thrilled to be a part of the Colintraive and Glendaruel Development Trust’s ‘Forest Celebration Day’ – a fun-filled day of events for the community and visitors to get involved in, to celebrate the Trust’s recent purchase of Stronafian Forest for the community!

Munchkins, well-beheaved grown-ups, and even a few canine creatures, joined Dorothy on a ‘Wiz Around Oz’, where we travelled through the forest, meeting an array of characters along the way! The Lion was Cowardly, the Scarecrow didn’t know which way to go, and the Great Wiz saved us from the Wicked Witch!

The sun shone brightly on our journey through Glendaruel, and Dorothy, fit with her sparkly red welly boots (well, she was in Scotland!) made sure everyone was home in time for tea!

Thank you to the Colintraive and Glendaruel Development Trust for inviting us along to help celebrate with the community!

Getting ready for an adventure with Dorothy!

Getting ready for an adventure with Dorothy!

Walking through the Glen!

Walking through the Glen!

The Lion blaming Scarecrow...what did he do now?

The Lion blaming Scarecrow…what did he do now?

Kisses for the Great Wiz!

Kisses for the Great Wiz!