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Your Country Needs STEW!

Pack Up Your Troubles, and head to Peel Park on Sunday 24th of August, and join TWTC at the Kirkintilloch Canal Festival as we perform ‘Your Country Needs Stew!’ – our interactive, and deliciously delightful World War One themed Flying Kitchen! From trench food and field kitchens, serving up bully beef, turnip bread and sandbag mess, to the daily food of the British worker once rationing began, come along and try some tastes from the past, to bring a smile to your face!

To find out more, visit http://www.kirkintillochcanalfestival.org/

Pack Up Your Troubles!

This afternoon, our gals from the Ministry of Food can be found at Campsie Care Home in Kirkintilloch, for a very special Flying Kitchen event for the residents – tastes from the past to bring smiles to faces! We love using our unique style of theatre to engage and connect with audiences, and provide an unforgettable experience for all!


A Walking Theatre Weekend of Wonder!

We have a very busy weekend in-store at TWTC, with a whole host of productions Walking in a number of fantastic locations! Find out where we are, and how you can join us for some Walking Theatre in the Scottish sunshine this weekend!

Friday 20th June

Show: Fawlty Towers’ Tribute Murder Mystery Weekend – Part One, The Argyll Hotel, Dunoon

There is a hair in my soup!

Saturday 21st June

Show: ‘World War Two Flying Kitchen’ – Armed Forces Family Fun Day, 11:00hrs-17:00hrs, Rouken Glen Park, East Renfrewshire

Show: ‘The Enchanted Forest’ – 2014 Clan Lachlan Gathering, Castle Lachlan, Argyll             Step through into the ‘Enchanted Forest’ and discover if you are a magical Keeper of the Tree’s, beware the Lachlan Broonie and the secrets he guards. Family theatre walk, fun for everyone.  Dress for the weather. Well behaved adults welcome!

Show: Fawlty Towers’ Tribute Murder Mystery Weekend – Part Two, The Argyll Hotel, Dunoon


Sunday 22nd June 

Show: ‘The Best Of Causes’, 2014 Clan Lachlan Gathering, 12:30hrs, Castle Lachlan, Argyll. Word has reached the shores of Argyll, the Jacobite forces muster and where the  Bonnie Prince calls so comes the loyal, true MacLachlan Chief. Are you brave enough to stand with the Clan and for Scotland?

A newly commissioned work, by Argyll playwright Sadie Dixon-Spain commemorating the 2014 Clan Lachlan Gathering, supported by Argyll & Bute Council