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A must for your Spotify Playlist!

In the summer of 2015, The Walking Theatre Company brought eight professional musician-composers from Argyll together by the Music Makes Me project, each with a song inspired by life in the ‘Wild Country’. The album ‘In The Wild Country’, recorded on the shores of Loch Fyne in Strathlachlan Village Hall, is the result.

Find the album on iTunesApple Music and Spotify or order the CD viawww.musicmakesme.scot/cd


Artists: Clair Tierney MusicPippa Reid-Foster Harpist, Alana Mathers fromThe BrambellesJoy Dunlop, Nick Lewis, David Fee, Martin Toye, Eddi Price. Project led by The Walking Theatre Company, delighted to work with Joe McAlinden of Linden and David Donaldson. Supported by Creative Scotland.

Did you know…

… TWTC HQ is based in the glorious grounds of Dunans Castle – Home of the Scottish Laird Project in Glendaruel, Argyll? We LOVE being based in such a beautiful location – breathtaking scenery always provides inspiration, especially on a sunny day like today!


It’s aw’fy cold at TWTC HQ today! But what’s the best thing to do in the snow? Go out and WALK! Perfect rehearsal conditions today, if you ask me…our hardy actors would love it!


Dunans Castle – aka TWTC HQ!

TWTC are delighted to support the heritage project that is Dunans Castle – where TWTC is of course the ‘theatre in residence’! Find out what is happening here at Dunans Castle, and the exciting projects that are going on at TWTC HQ


A New Play: The Drover of Dunans!

TWTC were thrilled to be commissioned to create a Walking Theatre production of the history of Dunans Castle, in Glendaruel in Argyll (also known as oor HQ!).

Find out more here: http://charlescharliecharles.com/2014/09/the-drovers-and-the-laird/

Glen of the Red River – HistoryPin!

Find out more about our Glen of the Red River project with the pupils of Kilmodan Primary School, by visiting our HistoryPin.Com page!

Where would you like to see TWTC in 2014?

2013 may be coming to an end, and what a year it has been for Walking Theatre!

We are already in full swing here at TWTC HQ, putting our 2014 calendar together!

Lots of exciting new shows, venues, walks, and fun in store for the new year!

Where would YOU like to join TWTC on a Walking Theatre Adventure in 2014?!


Friday Fun, with the Red River Rap!

Happy Friday, TWTC fans! Why not join us in some Friday fun and take a look at ‘The Red River Rap’ music video! Performed by the pupils of Kilmodan Primary School, and written by our very own Sadie Dixon-Spain, the rap can be found on www.GlenOfTheRedRiver.com – an online heritage portal created as part of a Heritage Lottery Funded ‘All Our Stories’ project, co-ordinated by the Walking Youth Theatre!

Sit back, relax, make sure the volume is turned up, and join us on a journey spanning 10,000 years in 6 minutes!

Another Wednesday, another workshop!

Alana and Rebecca from TWTC headed along to Kilmodan Primary School in Glendaruel to host another exciting workshop for our Glen of the Red River All Our Stories project!

Today, we gathered more content for our pre-historic section of the website, and had lots of fun exploring what life would have been like in the Glen during the Mesolithic and Neolithic periods – including dressing up like our very hairy ancestors!!

We had great fun making sound-scapes using the stories the pupils had created the previous week, which are going to be available to listen to on the website!

Our next workshop will be in two weeks time, where we will begin exploring the Clashing Celts!


Glen of the Red River: A New Term!

Afternoon of Wednesday 21st of August 2013 saw the return of the Walking Youth Theatre’s Glen of the Red River workshops at Kilmodan Primary School.

Our Project

The Glen of the Red River project is part of the All Our Stories scheme, and funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund.  To recap on our project, visit our All Our Stories page on our website.

Over the Summer, our website for the project was created, and the work the pupils of Kilmodan Primary created in the previous school year was given an online home! With their fantastic logo, timeline, and artwork, our website is up and running – now all we need is content!

Sadie and Alana headed down from TWTC HQ this afternoon to host our first new term workshop, to begin gathering the content for the website.

Where do we start?! At the very beginning, of course!

Today’s workshop focused on the Mesolithic and Neolithic time periods, and we learnt all about what life would have been like for our hunter gatherer and early farmer ancestors! The pupils came up with some great stories about life as Mesolithic and Neolithic clans, and created artwork and dramatic pieces of life in the Glen over 8000 years ago!

The pupils also created a soundscape, exploring life in the Glen in Mesolithic times – the story included howling wolves, hunting wild boars, fishing in the river, and running through the foliage back to base camp away from predators!

The research gathered and work created today will be put on the website, to share with the whole world what Glendaruel would have been like at the very beginning of time!

The next stop on the Timeline Train!

Our next workshop will focus on the ‘Monks on a Mission’ – it’s sure to be another great day, watch this space!