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New Show Launches at the Caledonian Canal


We are delighted to share with you the news of our exciting new Walking Theatre historical piece, commissioned by Scottish Canals, which will delve into the past of the Caledonian Canal in Fort Augustus this July and August!

‘The Caledonian Canal significantly re-shaped lives and land in its forging and as a writer, I have been inspired by the journey through time, that the canal has taken me on. Momentous and epic are two words that spring to mind.’ – Sadie Dixon-Spain, Playwright and Artistic Director of The Walking Theatre Company shares her experience in delving into past of the Caledonian Canal, and writing this fantastic production.

Tickets for Waters of Time are available from the Caledonian Canal Centre, Fort Augustus.
Performances held on 25–29 July and 1–5 August.
Performance times: 11am, 12.15pm, 2pm, 3.15pm and, 4.30pm.
Tickets £7 each, Under 5s free.

The Caledonian Canal Centre is open daily – grab and go and retail: 9am-5pm; café: 9am-4.30pm.

The Walking Theatre Company proudly introduce our ‘Waters In Time’ cast: Alfie WellcoatEuan Cuthbertson, and in her debut Walking Theatre role, Innes Anderson.

Thank you to Scottish Field for sharing this article which you can read by clicking here.

Dunans Castle – aka TWTC HQ!

TWTC are delighted to support the heritage project that is Dunans Castle – where TWTC is of course the ‘theatre in residence’! Find out what is happening here at Dunans Castle, and the exciting projects that are going on at TWTC HQ


Show News: “Silver, Soldier, and Spice”, Alva Old Kirkyard, 27/06/2014

TWTC returned to Alva Old Kirkyard on Friday 27th June 2014, to perform at the Ochils Festival original Walking Theatre work “Soldier, Silver, and Spice”, written by TWTC’s Artistic Director & In-House Playwright, Sadie Dixon-Spain.image copy image_1 image_2 image_3 image_4 image_5 image_6 image_7 image_8 image

TWTC to perform at the 2014 Ochils Festival!

Silver, Soldier, & Spice! Join TWTC at Alva Old Kirkyard this Friday 27th June at 19:00hrs, and delve into the rich history of Alva, meeting a few famous names across the way! The performance is part of the 2014 Ochils Festival – and remember, dress for the weather!http://www.ochils.org.uk/event/649

A Walking Theatre Weekend of Wonder!

We have a very busy weekend in-store at TWTC, with a whole host of productions Walking in a number of fantastic locations! Find out where we are, and how you can join us for some Walking Theatre in the Scottish sunshine this weekend!

Friday 20th June

Show: Fawlty Towers’ Tribute Murder Mystery Weekend – Part One, The Argyll Hotel, Dunoon

There is a hair in my soup!

Saturday 21st June

Show: ‘World War Two Flying Kitchen’ – Armed Forces Family Fun Day, 11:00hrs-17:00hrs, Rouken Glen Park, East Renfrewshire

Show: ‘The Enchanted Forest’ – 2014 Clan Lachlan Gathering, Castle Lachlan, Argyll             Step through into the ‘Enchanted Forest’ and discover if you are a magical Keeper of the Tree’s, beware the Lachlan Broonie and the secrets he guards. Family theatre walk, fun for everyone.  Dress for the weather. Well behaved adults welcome!

Show: Fawlty Towers’ Tribute Murder Mystery Weekend – Part Two, The Argyll Hotel, Dunoon


Sunday 22nd June 

Show: ‘The Best Of Causes’, 2014 Clan Lachlan Gathering, 12:30hrs, Castle Lachlan, Argyll. Word has reached the shores of Argyll, the Jacobite forces muster and where the  Bonnie Prince calls so comes the loyal, true MacLachlan Chief. Are you brave enough to stand with the Clan and for Scotland?

A newly commissioned work, by Argyll playwright Sadie Dixon-Spain commemorating the 2014 Clan Lachlan Gathering, supported by Argyll & Bute Council



Walking All Over The Weekend!

We are sending May off with a bang, and giving June a big HELLO this weekend, with a a diverse variety of TWTC shows, all over Scotland!

From Singing Soldiers, Swashbuckling Pirates, An Eco Queen, and our Gals from the Ministry of Food, it’s all go in Walking Theatre world!

PageLines- twtc-logo.jpg

Saturday 31st May:

World War II Flying Kitchen

Join our Flying Kitchen and experience the impact of the Wars on the British Kitchen. From trench food and field kitchens, serving up bully beef, fish sausages, and sandbag mess, to the daily food of the British Soldiers, and those at home, once rationing began!

Free Event. 11:00hrs – 15:00hrs King Edward Street, Perth. 

For more info, visit: http://www.pkc.gov.uk/article/9114/History-and-Heritage-Market

Singing Soldiers

Our two brave soldiers are returning home on leave from the front, and have been asked to recruit more soldiers, using ‘Old Time’ Music Halls recruitment songs. Join Fraser & Neil as they tell their story through song and tales, encouraging YOU to sign up!

Free Event. 11:00hrs – 15:00hrs King Edward Street, Perth.

TWTC WWI Commemorative Events Poster

Treasure Island

Join Jim ‘Lad’ Hawkins on an intrepid adventure across the Pirates Island, help find the buried treasure and escape from Long John Silver in the good ship The Hispaniola, and get everyone home in time for tea!

Ticketed Event. 11:00hrs-12:30hrs. Levengrove Park, Dumbarton.



Sunday 1st June:

The Power Down Play

Baron Can’t BeBothered has been trapped in the Gardens at Benmore by Green Jean the Eco Queen! He can’t go home until he learns how to be green and ‘Power Down’. Come along and help the Baron discover his Eco Coe, and become a true Carbon Zero Hero!

Free Event. The Open Day will run from 12:00hrs-17:00hrs, with TWTC’s performance commencing at 14:00hrs.

Open Day 2014 Events templateB


Why not come along and join in the Walking Theatre Fun, from Perth to Dumbarton to Dunoon!

Glen of the Red River – HistoryPin!

Find out more about our Glen of the Red River project with the pupils of Kilmodan Primary School, by visiting our HistoryPin.Com page!

Glen of the Red River: A New Term!

Afternoon of Wednesday 21st of August 2013 saw the return of the Walking Youth Theatre’s Glen of the Red River workshops at Kilmodan Primary School.

Our Project

The Glen of the Red River project is part of the All Our Stories scheme, and funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund.  To recap on our project, visit our All Our Stories page on our website.

Over the Summer, our website for the project was created, and the work the pupils of Kilmodan Primary created in the previous school year was given an online home! With their fantastic logo, timeline, and artwork, our website is up and running – now all we need is content!

Sadie and Alana headed down from TWTC HQ this afternoon to host our first new term workshop, to begin gathering the content for the website.

Where do we start?! At the very beginning, of course!

Today’s workshop focused on the Mesolithic and Neolithic time periods, and we learnt all about what life would have been like for our hunter gatherer and early farmer ancestors! The pupils came up with some great stories about life as Mesolithic and Neolithic clans, and created artwork and dramatic pieces of life in the Glen over 8000 years ago!

The pupils also created a soundscape, exploring life in the Glen in Mesolithic times – the story included howling wolves, hunting wild boars, fishing in the river, and running through the foliage back to base camp away from predators!

The research gathered and work created today will be put on the website, to share with the whole world what Glendaruel would have been like at the very beginning of time!

The next stop on the Timeline Train!

Our next workshop will focus on the ‘Monks on a Mission’ – it’s sure to be another great day, watch this space!


The debut performance of ‘Selkirk’s New Nation’

Last night, Wednesday 26th of June 2013, The Walking Theatre Company and the joined forces in the capital city of Edinburgh, to debut ‘Selkirk’s New Nation’ on Scottish soil!

The cast of 25 strong Canadian Youth were joined by TWTC’s very own Sadie Dixon-Spain and Colin Little, performing to a wonderful audience in Committee Room One of The Scottish Parliament.

The unforgettable night began with a pre-performance reception, where guests were able to mingle with the cast, and get to know our young performers. To perform at Holyrood with the support of Scottish MSP’s is an extraordinary boost to the project, and our event was very kindly supported by Mr. Mike MacKenzie MSP, who gave a wonderful encouraging speech prior to the performance! We were also thrilled to have the musical talents of Mairi Campbell throughout the night, and the stunning backdrop to our performance provided by Graeme Murdoch, who kindly provided a photography exhibit uniting Canada and Scotland in pictures.

Selkirk’s New Nation went off with a bang, as we were transported back in time to 1811, as the booming voice of Miles MacDonnall (Colin Little) filled the room to tell us of Lord Selkirk’s plans for the New World, and the endless opportunities that await the young men with the right skills across the Ocean!

Our youth cast were extremely professional in their delivery, weaving in and out the audience with grace and confidence, interacting with those who had travelled to Edinburgh to see them perform.

Our very first Canadian Walking Youth Theatre!

Our very first Canadian Walking Youth Theatre post-performance!

While Selkirk’s New Nation was written by TWTC’s Artistic Director and in-house playwright, Sadie Dixon-Spain, it was shaped by the Powerview School pupils own heritage and cultural references.

The play explores the impact of Lord Selkirk’s ‘Scots’ Settlers upon Canada, its First Nations and particularly the Métis whose status has only recently been affirmed by the Canadian Government through its recognition of the 1870 land treaty.

In May 2013, Sadie travelled to Manitoba along with TWTC’s own , to work with the pupils, rehearse and perform the play to the community of Pine Falls-Powerview, with plans and hopes for the students to return to Scotland, and perform their work to Scottish audiences.

And last night, this dream came true! Our youth team adorned their 1800s-style costumes, and became stars!

The applause that followed the performance rang through Holyrood, and the smiles on our acting team lit up the whole room! To make the night even more special, we were thrilled that Lord Selkirk and his son travelled from London to make the event, and followed the performance with an inspirational speech, which will stay with the Youth Team forever.

Our cross-national partnership has brought Scotland and Canada closer together, allowing people on both sides of the Atlantic to reconnect with and rediscover their heritage, new friendships have been created, and memories made that will last forever.

Both The Walking Theatre Company and the Canadian Walking Youth Theatre will be performing Selkirk’s New Nation on the Western Isle of Lismore on Sunday, 30th of June 2013, a ‘walking’ theatre production, beginning outside the Lismore Gaelic Heritage Centre at 14:30hrs.

We would be thrilled if you would join us on our adventure to the past!

Our team in action!

Our Youth Team listening to Lord Selkirk, as he congratulated them on such a wonderful performance!

Our Youth Team listening to Lord Selkirk, as he congratulated them on such a wonderful performance!

For more information on the project, or for our upcoming performance on Lismore, contact Alana at TWTC HQ by emailing alana@thewalkingtheatrecompany.com, or calling 01369 820 115.