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Throwback Thursday!

Today we are going back in time to 2013, when The Walking Theatre Company created the first ever Canadian Walking Youth Theatre, made up of a wonderfully talented, diverse group of pupils from Powerview School, Manitoba descended from Canadian First Nations (Cree, Ojibwe, Métis), and French, Irish and Scottish settlers.

The Canadian Walking Youth Theatre was formed as a part of a professional youth team of performers, to give the pupils of Powerview School, experience within the creative sector, and with working in the arts with a professional Scottish theatre company.


Specifically for the project with the Powerview Pupils, TWTC’s Creative Director and in-house playwright, Sadie Dixon-Spain, created “Selkirk’s New Nation” – a brand new, original work, exploring the lives of the displaced Highlanders who settled in Canada in the 1800s.


Our Canadian Walking Youth Theatre performed in both Canada and Scotland – including performances at The Scottish Parliament and the stunning Isle of Lismore!

Throwback Thursday!

Mad Hatter and Red Queen - SMDS : ASD

We’re having a chuckle looking back at these fun photos taken by our team before performing ‘The Wonderland Adventure’ at Loch Lomond Shores back in November of 2013!

Our cast: Rebecca Bloom as the White Rabbit, Sadie Dixon-Spain as the Red Queen, and Allan Scott-Douglas as the totally bonkers Mad Hatter!

White Rabbit - Cast Selfie (1)