Forest Theatre and Eco Adventures!

Interactive theatre, ideal for woodland environments!

The Power Down Play

Baron Cant BeBothered has been trapped in the Forest by Green Jean the Eco Queen! He can’t go home until he learns how to be ‘green’ and ‘Power Down’. Come and help the Baron discover his Eco Code, and be a true Carbon Zero Hero! This play can be performed as an outdoor walk, or in a set space with a seated audience – ideal for eco schools.

The Celtic Tree Walk: The Enchanted Forest

A tale of forests and fairies, and Celtic Trees! Walk with Puck, and discover the magic of the woods and discover how to be a ‘Keeper of the Trees’, and which is your own special tree. (Tree planting can be incorporated within the play.)

Macbeth’s Walk

The ultimate Scottish play – served with a twist! Our wicked Lady takes control, and leads her Lord on a merry dance. In an exciting adaption of a truly Shakespearian great, join our merry troupe through a tale of magic, dark arts, murder, treason, intrigue, and monarchy! Incorporates Gaelic.

Conference of the Faeries (A Midsummer Nights Dream)

A Father plans a wedding for his daughter, and love is in the air…or is it? The bride-to-be loves another man, and the best Maid loves the Groom! While Oberon, King of the Faeries, has lost the love of his Queen, mortal and faerie worlds collide, mayhem, magic and fun commence! Join us for a ‘Hen Party’ like no other! Incorporates Gaelic.

Robin Hoodie in the Woods

Robin has lost Maid Marion and Maid Marion has found the Sherriff, but who needs saving from whom?! Calling all Merry Men and Merry Maids to save her, or him, or they? A fun-filled adventure of silliness and laughter for ages!

Wiz Around Oz

A brand new adaption of The Wizard of Oz. Dorothy has lost Toto, the Cowardly Lion has lost the Tin Man, the Wicked Witch of the West has lost the Wicked Witch of the East, the Scarecrow has lost the way, and the Great Wiz has lost his marbles! Munchkins needed to sort it all out!

One thought on “Forest Theatre and Eco Adventures!

  1. Joyce Nickerson

    We will be in Scotland from Aug.7-17. Is there anything that we would be able to participate in? We will be going to Dundas Castle during our trip but will, also, be in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Inverness and Isle of Skye. Thank you.


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