New Writing and Historical Tales of Scotland

New Writing: Exclusive to The Walking Theatre Company!

A man's work is ne'er done!

A man’s work is ne’er done!

The Whisky Way

Highland smugglers are on the run from the excise men! This merry romp tells the story of Scotland’s whisky, a new United Kingdom, and a struggle for lost identity: the backdrop to the romance of Robert Burns and his lost Highland love.

A bargain is done...or is it?

A bargain is done…or is it?

Dead Men Don’t Speak

The Kings troops are on the shores of Argyll, and the mighty Duke of Argyll is on the warpath! No man or woman shall stand in his way! A story of Clans, murder, treachery, romance…and even more murder! A play inspired by the Campbell Clan, and the Jacobite rebellions.

The Forgotten Lady of Argyll

Step back to the 4th Century with Deirdre of the Sorrows, and see the shores of Scotland through a young warrior woman’s eyes. A journey of trade, communication, religion, isolation, inclusion, exclusion, romance, and betrayal.

Coming Home Again

‘The lands of the Highlands are there to house sheep.’ Join us on a breathtaking step back through time, to the heartbreak of families who were cleared away to the New World as agricultural improvements take hold of Scotland. Share the joy as descendants make their way home again. This walk is tribute to all displaced people. Content within the play can be adapted to include site-specific material.

 We shall all be home by Christmas

It is 1914 and war has come – young men and women flock to the front to ‘do their bit’. An inspiring and poignant story that commemorates those lost in World War One. Content within the play can be adapted to be site and community specific.

Recruiting workers for the Coal Pits at Wilsontown

Recruiting workers for the Coal Pits at Wilsontown


2 thoughts on “New Writing and Historical Tales of Scotland

  1. Joyce Nickerson

    We are coming to Scotland from Canada and meeting friends from Slovakia in the spring, 2018. How can we see one of your productions?

    1. Sadie Dixon-Spain Post author

      Dear Joyce – have a look at the website in the new year as shows will be updated. You can e-mail us for ticketing info and we can direct you to the right person at the venue you want to visit. Currently we have Murder Mystery Dinner shows booked in for March & April, in Edinburgh, Dunoon, Pitlochry and Dunfermline, if any of those venues are of interest to you. Many thanks.


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