A Midsummer Night’s Magic @ Teasses Estate!

🦋Step into Oberon’s enchanted forest on 25th June at the Teasses Estate with two fantastic performances of ‘A Midsummer Night’s Magic’ in the gorgeous gardens!🦋 A Wedding today, and love is in the air,But the Bride loves another, and all is in despairA King has lost the love of his Fairy Queen.Is it all real,…
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Jubilee Theatre Celebrations @ Cormonachan Woods!

We’re kicking off summer with a double-billing of shows at the #Cormonachan Woods, in #Lochgoilhead on June 3rd! 🐇 2pm – The Wonderland Adventure🗡️7pm – Macbeth the Red! 👑 Celebrate the Jubilee with two tales adapted from British classics!✨Outdoor theatrical productions along a gentle walking route – experience the beauty of the woodlands!✨Dress for the…
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Haunted Night Private Party!

Prepare for a HAUNTING NIGHT tonight as we perform at a top secret location for a private party! A SCARILY funny Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre event, starring:Euan CuthbertsonColin LittleSarah-Beth BrownRebecca Bloom BOOK your own private party experience by contacting us at:📧📞 01369 510 898🔗


Join the charming and good-natured outlaw himself in this classic tale! Merry men into the woods,The nasty Sheriff is up to no good.Robin Hoodie, he has a plan.To save us all, he is ‘the man’. 🌲 Our interactive, outdoor Walking Theatre production of ‘Robin Hoodie’ is available to BOOK NOW for your venue! 🌲 A…
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A Pirate Double-bill @ Jura!

🏴‍☠️ Pirates set sail to Jura this June! Join in on the murderous action with the dangerous Feisty Fanny or hunt for buried loot on Treasure Island! 🦜 10th June, 19:30 – Feisty Fanny’s Revenge, a Swashbuckling Night Out!🏝️ 11th June, 11:00 – Treasure Island, an intrepid adventure! Thanks to The Gordon Wright Trust for…
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SHOW SPOTLIGHT: The White Rabbit’s Wonderland!

Hop into Wonderland with the White Rabbit! The White Rabbit is on the runThe Mad Hatter just wants some fun.Wonderland magic is ready for youKeep your head, whatever you do! 🎩 Our interactive, outdoor Walking Theatre production of ‘The White Rabbit’s Wonderland’ is available to BOOK NOW for your venue! 🎩 A magical adventure through…
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A Royal Weekend!

👑 We have a busy weekend ahead of us to celebrate the #PlatinumJubilee! Catch us all over the country on Saturday 4th June: 🔔 Town Crier – Perth City Centre👸 Betty Balmoral and the Queen’s Guard – Gyle Shopping Centre, Edinburgh🧙‍♀️The Really Wicked School of Magic – Mayfield Gala Day, Dalkeith🐰 White Rabbit and Mad…
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Crime Scene Photos: Allo Allo Tribute @ SGE The Argyll Hotel!

After a wonderful show and audience last night we want to share some amazing pictures of our team! And give a huge welcome back to Sadie, who has been busy directing in London!

SHOW SPOTLIGHT: A Load of Old Crocs- A Fawlty Towers Tribute!

Join Britain’s top antique TV shows hosts for their annual Gala ‘Get It Together’.Your hosts Basil and Sybil, in their truly unique style, will ‘almost’ welcome you for a ‘jolly nice’ night out. Inspired by a much-loved iconic show, you are invited to discover just exactly what is going on, because ‘we are darned if…
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An Allo Allo Tribute Weekend @ SGE The Argyll Hotel

☕TONIGHT @ SGE Argyll Hotel – Dunoon, step into a British classic in “Vive la Resistance! an ‘Allo ‘Allo Tribute” as we begin our Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre weekend!☕ Listen very carefully, as simply everyone has something to hide!Your fantastic cast for the evening:⭐Rebecca Bloom⭐Robert Howart⭐Sadie Dixon-Spain⭐David Carnan⭐Euan Cuthbertson We’ll be back at SGE Argyll…
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