Legacy Programme

Investing in our Actors

Our work is created to be both site and audience responsive, authentic in its connection to each unique performance space and truthful in the connection between the audience and the actor.

For the actor, the audience and the promoter, we consistently push at the perceptions of traditional theatre constructs. Each work, exists around the audience, by being present with us, they become part of the piece, and the space is shaped to link the audience voice to that of the actors.

For the actor, we must strive to respond to each performance environment and each new audience, through the truth of our own roles. No moment is ever repeatable, each moment is unique and in creating and developing our own character presence, voice and performance journey, we are then physically able to inhabit our characters mind, body and emotions. When we are able to set aside our own ego we become real and present within each role we play.

The Walking Theatre Method creates authentic actors,
mindful and present in their own skin.

The Legacy Programme

2019 Legacy Programme

In September 2019, our Core Company came together at our HQ in rural Argyll for a week long residential training course. Experiences shared, skills developed, friendships evolved.