Month: June 2020

Magic Monday – Robin Hood’s ZoomAlongAQuest!

✨ Magic Monday is here again,💫 are you ready for fun with your Zippedy Zoom friends?👉 This week our host is Robin Hood,😎 he’s brave, he’s charming, he’s a really cool dude!🌲 Join him on an adventure, a zoomtastic quest,🤩 full of magic and laughter, and all the rest!👋 So let’s get zooming, it’s time to play!👍 Kickstart the week with an AWESOME…
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Shoutout to our LCM Grads!

A message from TWTC’s Creative Director, Sadie Dixon-Spain:A Big shout out to emerging talent from LCM Musical Theatre & Acting Alumni Group, in the Zippedy Zoom Club this week are 2 Makers Pixie Pom Pom and Boffin Clementina. Follow the links to see what activetastic stuff this talented pair have for you. Two ladies to look…
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Funtastic Friday- Rumpelstiltskin’s Zooming Charades

😁Whizz, bang, pop, Friday is here!👋 Woohoo, hurray, let me hear you CHEER!✨ You won’t believe just how much fun,💫 we have online for everyone!👨‍🍳 There’s lots of tasty things to bake,🎨 and really zoomtastic crafts to make!👀 There’s brand new stuff just added today,🙌 Get ready! Get set! It’s Funtastic Fri-YAY! This #FuntasticFriday on ZippedyZoom.Club we will be:💫 Baking Fairy Cakes with…um…Fairy Cakes!💫 Making Pom…
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Let’s Get Baking!

👨‍🍳Get creative in the kitchen with Brandon, cooking up some deliciously tasty Butterfly Cakes!👩‍🍳 📋Ingredients you will need:🥄 200g of margarine🥄 200g of caster sugar🥄 200g of self raising flour🥄 1 tsp of baking powder🥄 4 eggs🥄 Jam (your favourite flavour – we used raspberry!)🥄 250 mls of double cream🥄 Fresh raspberries (optional!) 🤩Have a go, and let us know what you think!…
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Wacky Wednesday- Rumpelstiltskin’s Zooming Charades

✨ Zippedy Zoomers, and Zoomedy Zips,🌻 We’ve got some creative fun for your fingertips!🤪 It’s Wacky Wednesday, and there’s fun galore,🍄 with toadstools and butterflies, and even some chores!💫 Snow White is here, there’s Zoompoints to win,😁 And the March Hare is back to make you grin!🧚‍♀️So Zoom on by, this Club is for you,👋to have fun and create, make, shape,…
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Professor Zippedilla introduces CHARADES week!

✨It’s CHARADES WEEK over at the ZippedyZoom.Club! ✨ #IncaseYouMissedIt here is the one, the only, the whackadoodle crazy whizzbang boffin that is Professor Zippedilla Zoom telling us all about the ZOOMTASTIC fun we’ll be having at the ZippedyZoom.Club this week! 💫 Get ready for some magic! ✨


✨CREATIVE CALL OUT!✨ 🤩 Makers & Creators wanted to join the fun and frolics at ZippedyZoom.Club! 👉With real people led activities, the Zippedy Zoom Club aims to offer children in isolation projects that they can undertake safely at home, giving their caregivers time and space to focus on their own work or get some headspace. 📧 Contact…
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Magic Monday – Rumpelstiltskin’s Zooming Charades.

✨ Abracadabra, and Zippedy Zap!🧚‍♀️ It’s Magic Monday, just like that!🦄 This week the magic knows no bounds🧚‍♂️ with Rumple and Fairy Cakes hangin’ around!😎 Come and play charades with our groovy crew,👀 They’re getting ready for fun, all they need is you!💫 So zip on over to our zoomtastic place,😁 and get ready for a smile to land on your face! This…
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Funtastic Friday – Mad Hatter’s Zooming Tea Party

🥳 It’s Friday, huzzah! What a fab week it’s been,🎩 with our Mad Crazy Hatter and our Wonderland theme!🤪 There’s more creative fun online,💫 ZippedyZoom to the Club for a FUNTASTIC FRIDAY time!👉 Learn some facts, and build a nest,😎 Get creative with clay – this Club is the BEST!👨‍🍳 There’s even something tasty to bake,🧁 because every Virtual Tea Party sure needs…
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Co-Vid Call with Tillie & Eddie! Making Lockdown FUN!

🌟 It’s a Zippedy Zoom Club Throwback Thursday! 🌟 🤩 Tune in to Tillie The Naughty Fairy & her best friend Eddie’s ‘Co-Vid Call’ to see how two best friends have found ways to still play together and have fun by video calls while staying safe in their own homes. 👉There are lots of ideas for fun activities you can…
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