Month: July 2020

Instagram – let’s be friends!

Did you know The Walking Theatre Company is on Instagram? You can find us at @thewalkingtheatrecompany

Funtastic Friday – Jerome the Gnome’s Zooming Recycle Challenge

✅ Friday is here, and we’ve added more fun,💫 It’s Zippedy Zoom time, everyone!😎 What a busy week it has been,♻️ With so much recycling and going green!🌎 It’s lots of fun looking after our…
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The World’s Strongest Flea!

🌟 It’s a Zippedy Zoom Club Throwback Thursday! 🌟 🤩 We are SO excited to have none other than the amazing Mr Mike Magic all the way from the United States of America…
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Wacky Wednesday – Jerome the Gnome’s Zooming Recycle Challenge

😎 Zip, Zap, Zoomers, it’s time to play!✨ Get ready for fun this Wacky Wednesday!🌎 We’re still working hard to save the planet,🤝 It can’t be too difficult if we ALL help, can it?!♻️ So…
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♻️ Zooming Recycling Challenge with Jerome the Gnome – Zippedy Zoom Club

♻️ Making Recycling Fun with Jerome the Gnome! ♻️ #IncaseYouMissedIt our good friend Jerome the Gnome has set YOU a Zooming Recycling Challenge with lots of fun activities that you can do at…
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Magic Monday – Jerome the Gnome’s Zooming Recycle Challenge!

🌎 Reduce! Reuse! Recycle! We want to save the world!👉 And there’s something everyone can do, are you ready boys and girls?🍄 Jerome the Gnome is here to help, to get us started…
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Funtastic Friday – Robin Hood’s ZoomAlongAQuest!

😎 Well here we are, Friday again,👍 Have you had a good week, Zippedy Zoom friends?🌈 The weekend is just one sleep away,🤩 but there’s lots of time for fun today!💫 Zoom on over to…
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#ThrowbackThursday Zippedy Zoom Style!

🌟 It’s a Zippedy Zoom Club Throwback Thursday! 🌟 🤩 We’re zooming back in time to our Singalong with Snow White! Make the housework fun by learning and singing Snow’s ZippedyZoomtastic cleaning theme…
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Wacky Wednesday – Robin Hood’s ZoomAlongAQuest!

🤪 Wacky Wednesday is here, hooray!👍 And what fun we have for you today!💫 Earn your zoompoints, make art with bark,🌲 Learn all about the trees in your local park!📖 There’s also stories for you…
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