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Funtastic Friday – Zooming Picnic with Granny Wolf!

⭐️ It’s Friday, hooray! The Weekend is oh so near!⭐️ So let’s have fun, create and play, and give a big Zippedy Zoom CHEER! 👉 Just added to ZippedyZoom.Club💫 Make a new friend in Poppy the Pirate and her parrot Peaches.💫 Creative fun with ladybird crafts.💫 Audio goodness with ‘The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party’.💫 Cooking fun as we make Fairy Bread.💫 Magical wonderment…
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Wacky Wednesday – White Rabbit’s Zooming Quiz-Along!

🤩 It’s Wednesday Zoomers, how are you doing?🙌 We’ve added more fun for you to start Zooming!👩‍🔬 Get wacky with science, earn Zoompoints at home,🤝 with all your Zippedy Zoom friends, you’re never alone!💻 We’re always here, just a click away,🎨 To have fun, to learn, to create, and play!⛅️ Whether it’s sunny, or whether it rains,🧠 The Zippedy Zoom Club is here,…
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