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SPOTLIGHT: Flying Kitchens!

Let our Flying Kitchen take your guests on an evocative journey through food. Our delightful culinary themed food demos and tastings combine food and theatre, creating an unforgettable experience for your eyes AND your tastebuds! 👨‍🍳 Our Flying Kitchens adapt to fit your event or celebration! Choose from the following themes: WW1 Kitchen – Your…
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SHOW SPOTLIGHT: Blazin’ Puddles!

Ride along with this WILD Western-themed adventure! 🤠 The ‘Man With No Shame’ and his lawless gang have been riding roughshod all over the good citizens of ‘Blazin’ Puddles’. A new marshal is in town, and he is gonna clean up the mess. Beware all you rustlers, saloon gals, injuns’ and wranglers, don your stetsons…
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Gangster Takeover!

💰 Oi, oi, what’s goin’ on here? Gangsters will be taking over a Hen Do celebration TONIGHT as The Godmother takes centre-stage! 💰 Capo Da Capo Don Cannelloni has called a meeting of all the mafia families to hatch this plot. A shakedown is on the cards as business sis not going well and a…
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Haunted Night Private Party!

Prepare for a HAUNTING NIGHT tonight as we perform at a top secret location for a private party! A SCARILY funny Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre event, starring:Euan CuthbertsonColin LittleSarah-Beth BrownRebecca Bloom BOOK your own private party experience by contacting us at:📧info@thewalkingtheatrecompany.com📞 01369 510 898🔗www.thewalkingtheatrecompany.com

A Pirate Double-bill @ Jura!

🏴‍☠️ Pirates set sail to Jura this June! Join in on the murderous action with the dangerous Feisty Fanny or hunt for buried loot on Treasure Island! 🦜 10th June, 19:30 – Feisty Fanny’s Revenge, a Swashbuckling Night Out!🏝️ 11th June, 11:00 – Treasure Island, an intrepid adventure! Thanks to The Gordon Wright Trust for…
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Crime Scene Photos: Allo Allo Tribute @ SGE The Argyll Hotel!

After a wonderful show and audience last night we want to share some amazing pictures of our team! And give a huge welcome back to Sadie, who has been busy directing in London!

An Allo Allo Tribute Weekend @ SGE The Argyll Hotel

☕TONIGHT @ SGE Argyll Hotel – Dunoon, step into a British classic in “Vive la Resistance! an ‘Allo ‘Allo Tribute” as we begin our Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre weekend!☕ Listen very carefully, as simply everyone has something to hide!Your fantastic cast for the evening:⭐Rebecca Bloom⭐Robert Howart⭐Sadie Dixon-Spain⭐David Carnan⭐Euan Cuthbertson We’ll be back at SGE Argyll…
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SHOW SPOTLIGHT: The Haunted Night

Dare you stay at the ‘Hotel That Goes Bump In The Night”? 🏚️ Meet your hapless host Hector Plasm, as he welcomes the undead and the living to a hopeless party, a missing will, a dead uncle and a killer on the loose. Can you uncover the mystery? 👻Our interactive, murder mystery dinner theatre Walking…
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TONIGHT: A speakeasy hen-do!

💰TONIGHT we’ll be performing The Godmother at a fantastic hen-do! 💰 Capo Da Capo Don Cannelloni has called a meeting of all the mafia families to hatch this plot – mafia gangs welcome, “no cops is allowed”! Meet the gang!⭐Rebecca Bloom⭐Colin Little⭐Rebecca Wilkie 👉To BOOK your own hen do entertainment, contact us TODAY at:📧info@thewalkingtheatrecompany.com📞 01369…
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SHOW SPOTLIGHT: An Inconvenient Wedding

YOU’RE INVITED to the maddest wedding in history! A madcap Clan gathering of murder, revenge, and an awful wedded wife!Two great warrior Clans are united at last through, er, “love”. The Father of the Bride is your host for the evening, and has promised his Lady wife to be on his best behaviour and not…
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