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SHOW SPOTLIGHT: A Load of Old Crocs- A Fawlty Towers Tribute!

Join Britain’s top antique TV shows hosts for their annual Gala ‘Get It Together’.Your hosts Basil and Sybil, in their truly unique style, will ‘almost’ welcome you for a ‘jolly nice’ night out. Inspired by a much-loved iconic show, you are invited to discover just exactly what is going on, because ‘we are darned if…
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A fantastic night at Fishers Hotel, Pitlochry!

Tremendous ‘sold out’ show at Fishers Hotel Pitlochry, well done team – you smashed it! Thank you so much to the fabulous audience, we loved meeting you all and really appreciated the standing ovation. Starring:⭐Sadie Dixon-Spain⭐Rebecca Bloom⭐Sarah-Beth Brown⭐Colin Little

TONIGHT: Fawlty Towers Tribute @ Fishers Hotel, Pitlochry!

TONIGHT at Fishers Hotel Pitlochry! 🏨 Basil and Sybil Foulty almost welcome you to their hapless hotel for a “very nice” weekend away in ‘A Load of Old Crocs: a Fawlty Towers Tribute’! A FANTASTICALLY funny evening of dinner theatre entertainment, starring:⭐Sadie Dixon-Spain⭐Rebecca Bloom⭐Sarah-Beth Brown⭐Colin Little 🍸 We’ll be back at Fishers Hotel NEXT WEEK,…
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